The day I met Michelle, was the day my life was to change dramatically. When an earth-angel comes into your space, you can surely count your blessings. Using her amazing connection to the angelic realm as well as her own intuition, she is a catalyst for self-discovery, pattern change, clearing blocks and reaches into corners that you would not think to flip open, all with gentleness and the utmost respect for your soul. Her gift of feeling into the situation, seeing it objectively with clarity, as well as her capacity for taking it at your own pace, is remarkable and never leaves you hanging or overwhelmed. Always warm and inviting, with just the right amount of charm and wit at the ready, a session with Michelle is truly a gift. Thank you Beautiful Soul for always being there for me.  With much love, Jen.
I have been seeing Michelle Bell for over eight years. Michelle is a kind, loving and gracious soul. Being in her presence is very smoothing and peaceful. She handles her gift with care and humility which I love. I feel safe and cared for in our sessions. Her readings are accurate messages from your angels at the time of the reading. Having the time and space to focus on my spiritual connection is amazing and I look forward to the times when I connect with Michelle and my angels. I trust her implicitly and would recommend her to all that is interested.
Kind regards
Michelle Edwards

I have known Michelle for quite a few years. She was recommended by a friend, and out of pure curiosity I decided to go.
Warm, friendly and loving are but a few of the words to describe my first impression. There was a feeling of relaxation and calm within the inner sanctuary of her realm.
Her answers to questions I posed were to the point and lovingly interpreted leaving me without a shadow of a doubt of her integrity and her ability to bring across exactly that which one needs at that given moment in time.
Kind regards
Tilanie Meierhans – Aneis de Vida, Circle of Light Magazine

I first met Michelle in 2001 when we were both living in Zimbabwe. Some of my coworkers kept talking about this “angel lady” they went to see and for days after their appointments they were talking about it and said they felt like they were ” touched by an Angel”.
So I decided to check it out myself, it was the first time ever I went to see anyone spiritual, and it has changed my life completely in such a positive way, my life has never been the same again.
So many things that I struggled with and made no sense to me. I learned to understand. I learned how the spiritual world works and how it affects us in our lives every day.
I cannot describe how wonderful I felt when I left her office that first time and over the years she has guided me through everything. The energy you feel when you enter her office is like magic, you can feel the presence of the Arch Angels there.
She has an amazing connection to the Angels, and is always honest, but whatever the message is, you will never leave her without feeling better, and with more understanding where your life path is taking you and why.
I have done regression therapy with her and that helped me understand so many relationships and some of the fears I have in this life right now. I have learned to connect to the Angels and to see the spiritual signs in everyday live and why things happen and why people behave the way they do. I learned about which things you choose yourself to learn in this life  (not always nice things, but sometimes necessary for growth) I learned about free will and the unconditional love of the Angels and that we are never alone. I even learned about what happens to you after you die and how you thoughts affect us, and so much more over the years.
Michelle is the most amazing person I have ever met and she has never steered me wrong, and the messages she gets from the Angels are truthful and honest. She has such great knowledge of everything spiritual and I feel there is nothing she cannot help me with. She is a great healer and teacher, with the patience of an Angel. In the Netherlands where I live the word for Arch Angel is Aards Engel, which means Earth Angel, and that is what she is, our Angel here on earth.
She is also one of the kindest, most honest people I have ever met. She has always been there for me and I can recommend everyone, no matter what you are struggling with, or even just to connect to the Angels, to go and see her.
You will not regret it.
Jacqui Kooreman.
The Netherlands.

I have known Michelle for approximately 15 years. I call her my Angel Lady, Michelle has assisted me through so many ups and downs – Michelle is always prepared to listen and does so with great empathy.
One of Michelle’s many talents include, clearing of one’s Chakra’s, One on One Guidance from the Arch-Angels, and doing Soul Retrieval, as well as Past Life Regression. Michelle also does Hypnotherapy for weight loss – stop smoking and many more.
I can personally recommend Michelle on all of the these therapies.
Michelle is truly an Earth Angel.
Junne Wilson

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