March 2016 Newsletter

Good morning all you beautiful people, I hope this Newsletter finds you all well and happy.

This month’s focus is on Mastery of your thoughts and emotions.  This is really needed at this time of instant manifestation.

Below is a channelled message from Ascended Master Melchizedec.

Greetings beloved Children of the Light, it is I Melchizedek. I have come forward today to say, have you noticed how your thoughts and desires are beginning to manifest rapidly in this now?
This will continue for the rest of this year, as it has been said, it is a time of reaping. So dear ones, choose your thoughts and emotions wisely, as you can be assured they will manifest, be they blessed or otherwise.
You have all been through so many alignments, lessons and learnings, you know what is needed in your individual lives to advance on your paths of destiny. Choose wisely and know all the beings of light that walk with you individually, are standing close at this time of great change.
Be more aware than ever before, that with each day that passes, your thoughts and emotions are bringing to you all that you have focused on. Do not sit in judgment at the Divine when turbulance enters your lives, rather take some quiet time to look inside of your hearts and realise the inner programmings that are playing constantly at the back of your minds, that are bringing this turbulance to you. Its time to become Masters of your lives dear ones.
In the greatest of love and light.
Adonai, Namaste.

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